Art Appreciation Course Reviews

Catherine Marte

I'm an Architect and Interior Designer; enrolling in 'The Art Institute' course seemed like a smart decision, and it was indeed. I only thought about art's principles, history, and cultural significance sometimes. But now, it's clear that understanding them is invaluable for my career.

It enhanced my ability to design spaces, making them not only functional but stunning as well. There's no doubt that this newfound love for art will influence my work in the future. The Art Institute outdid itself with this course and kept its promise to deliver quality education. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore and appreciate the world of art.

Thank you, The Art Institute, for taking me to new heights in my career.

Mary Raum

Wow! Exploring each new module felt like I had attained a personal relationship with the who's who of each topic. The readings were fascinating.

My tutor, Libby, was awesome. Her heartfelt and professional inputs, extraordinary experience, and ability to challenge and encourage me to dig deeper in my course assignments made for a very special learning experience. This education was a perfect triumvirate-exceptional material written by masters in their fields, a talented professional to guide me, and exciting and thoughtful assignments.

The online format and the flexibility to read and compose student work around the requirements of a busy career were so helpful and a great motivator because of the latitude it afforded in completing the studies. I will be using what I learned in the course in a career change, and the experience has me excited about a future in the arts.

Thank you, Art Institute, for creating such an extraordinary program.

Alastair Forman

This Art Appreciation Course is a comprehensive, well-produced and professionally presented step into the world of art history and appreciation. I enjoyed every one of the well-written modules and found them challenging, informative and helpfully illustrated. Each module has a generous reading list. Details of worldwide galleries and museums are included, providing resources for years to come.

The well-constructed assignments forced me to observe pictures carefully, stick to the key points and write succinctly and creatively. This, and the perceptive encouragement of my excellent tutor, has helped my writing tremendously. The website is attractive and easy to use. The student support team is efficient, courteous, interested and genuinely supportive.

I have long sought a joined-up overview of the development of Western Art. The Art Institute has provided this without bravura or bias. If this is adult entry-level to Art Appreciation, then it has more than done its job.

Silvia Languasco

The Art Institute stands for quality.

I am really happy to have taken the Online Art Appreciation Course because it offers a rich and deep knowledge about art history in a professional and pleasant way. The tutor is a key figure that helps you to improve and to understand all the content better.

Art lovers do not miss this formative experience.

Richard Draycott

I have recently completed the Art Institute History of Art course. I would recommend it to anyone interested in art and the part it plays in our culture through the centuries.

It provides a framework that helps focus on the artists, their genre and their importance to us today with well-written modules created by authoritative figures in their field. The modules provide details of further reading and list the galleries where particular works of art can be viewed, all of which helped me absorb myself in the subject.

My tutor, Stephen Farthing, encouraged me with his helpful advice, which enabled me to provide clear, concise answers to the various modules. The course is very flexible and helped me to fit the study into my busy life.

Mary-Louise Boardman

This course has been the most amazing doorway to an entirely new way of looking, at art, at life, at myself. Throughout the carefully planned course of modules, I was accompanied by my tutor, whose helpful comments helped me improve my writing and study techniques. I have learnt an enormous amount and realise how little I still know of the intriguing world of art and artists.

Best of all, it has given me a taste for further academic study, the biggest bonus of all.

I feel that learning more about the history of art in the world has been a real privilege, and I feel quite emotional now as I leave my friends at the Art Institute.

Richard Yaxley

I highly recommend the Art Appreciation course offered by The Art Institute. This is a comprehensive, stimulating course that takes you on a journey of empowerment through the history and development of Western Art. But it's more than that; an exploration of the people, an expose of the politics, and a chance to deconstruct the works that changed the world and the movements that sculpted our thinking. It's also a great opportunity to reflect on your own view of art and articism; how and why creativity benefits and shapes our society.

The course materials are of a very high standard, the assignments are relevant and often deliciously provocative, the tutors provide outstanding support, and the process is simple, effective and efficient. Most significantly, the course makes you think; to move beyond blanket appreciation or criticism towards a level of discernment and rationalization that is enriching and rewarding.

Joëlle Verdon

The Art Institute's course largely exceeded my expectation. It brought to be "a bundle of joy" that money cannot buy. To set the context, I am French Canadian, and I work in investment. I truly missed not having received a liberal art education, so some 10 years ago, I decided to do my own education, the self-taught hard way. I read tons of books and saw zillions of museums as I live in Europe. I managed to get a decent level of knowledge in art, but I was looking to put this in a more organised framework and learn more about the history behind "history of art". With this goal in mind, I started searching the internet for the "formula" that would best meet my goal. I searched for all the online short and/or intensive course options as I could not commit to a long-term on-location course.

The Art Institute offered to me to test their course, 7-day money-back guarantee. I was then convinced that the level was appropriate, not out of reach for my capacity but challenging enough. But the surprising nice addition is how my tutor adjusted his style/comments to my progression. In a very supportive way, he "raised the bar" by becoming more demanding, although always in a soft and engaging way, in order to push me to my limit. That was a brilliant tutorial. And I guess that the same technique is used to engage people with different backgrounds. Technically, the course is also well thought. We have full freedom to work at you own space, and at least in my case, the tutor was quickly providing his constructive feedback (in a most instance within 24hrs, even during the Christmas holiday!).

In summary, this course is brilliantly designed to reach a wide range of audiences in terms of background and run by an enthusiastic team, from Lilly in support to my brilliant tutor Stephen Farthing, who also wrote a must-have book, "Art: the whole story" (on Amazon). Thing about an improved version of Gombrich incorporating the recent developments and a much more visually appealing format. If you cannot enrol in the course, at minimum, spoil yourself by buying this book.

My only regret is that it is over! Joelle Verdon, a happy and grateful graduate of the Art Institute.

Ps: As an indication, I personally spent circa 15 to 20 hours per module because I read beyond and “around” the course material. I guess that one can do it within 12 hours/module by sticking to the basic material, but in my view, it would be a shame to do not tab into the great bibliography. And read about the parallel development in literature, politic, music.

Grady Zeeman

I absolutely loved every minute of doing the course. It was such a privilege to tap into the knowledge of experts.

Rachel Cross

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I was interested in changing my career and had always been interested in art and art history. I saw the Art Appreciation Course run by The Art Institute and decided to try it.

It is an unhurried and detailed look at the broad shifts in art, seminal works and artists. It is presented in well-written modules, which cover art principally from the Renaissance on, but there is also a broad overview of visual culture and a module dedicated to British art. Shifts in ideologies through the years are shown as being clearly reflected in the art of the day and the course challenges you to understand the links between historical events and visual culture. I found the modules on nineteenth, and twentieth-century art the most stimulating as developments in industry and globalisation were manifested in new and exciting ways in art.

There is no pressure on the course, which is great, and the assignments are marked promptly and well; my tutor was very encouraging and supportive. The student support team was also very flexible, as I completed a degree when I enrolled on this course and had very little time. Therefore, the support team extended the completion date so I could dedicate more time to it after my final university exam. This course has confirmed that I would like to go further in my studies of art history and one day even lecture in it myself! Thank you for a great journey...

Sue Harrod

Thank you, Art Institute, for providing me with such an enlightening course. My art history knowledge has been expanded enormously. The allegory of art has been a fascinating journey of surprise. This online course was a joy to undertake, due to the module design, content and exemplary Tutor support. My assignments were marked and returned to me very promptly, with comprehensive and constructive feedback. This helped me develop my research and attain a higher standard of writing as the course progressed.

This achievement for me, of completing the diploma course, is quite an emotional attainment. I am registered blind with only some peripheral vision. The high-quality online course photography combined with the magnification on my 27inch Mac gave me the ability to work through this course and see paintings as I have never seen them before. Also, my research turned up an interesting link of artists with visual impairments that I hope to do further research on.

My greatest freedom and joy has been my year-round cold water sea swimming, but now the thirst for more knowledge in the visual arts has been unlocked. This online course has opened a door to art appreciation I never thought possible, as I have shunned art galleries due to my sight loss. Thank you so much to all your team that supported me.

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